Lake Norman, A Great Place for A New Home

Are you looking for a new place to build your home in? Are you and your family into fun and exciting recreational activities? Or do you just want a place that has a homey ad relaxing atmosphere? If you said “YES” to one (or even all) of these questions, then you should consider purchasing a property near Lake Norman.

Realty properties alongside Lake Norman are beautifully made to compensated the breath-taking environment that encompasses it. In addition, there are so many things that you can do once you decide to live there. You need not to go anywhere else to have fun and go on a vacation because Lake Norman will provide you with all of these options.

Lake Norman History

Lake Norman is known as the “largest man-made lake” found in North Carolina. It has a total of 523 miles of shoreline and a surface area of more than 50 square miles. The side of the lake itself is 760 feet deep above the mean sea level.

It also provides electrical power supply for all of its neighboring areas in the Piedmont region. Its water power gives the hydroelectric stations at Cowans Ford Dam its “juice” and gives power to other reactors in Marshall Steam Station and Mc Guire Nuclear Station. The lake is also the main water supply of areas like Catawba County, Mooresville, Charlotte, Lincoln County, Iredell County up to areas near Mecklenburg County particularly Cornelius, Davidson and Huntersville.

What Can Lake Norman Offer its Residences?

There are so many possible activities and events that you can do indulge in if you decide to stay there. With the help of the beautiful and nature-loving ambiance of the place, you and your family are in for a real treat.

  • Lake Norman State Park

This is the main attraction of the place where you can do a lot of activities with your family, friends and loved ones. If you and everyone you know are into outdoor action then this is the best place for you to hang out.

From camping to boat rides and even fishing, Lake Norman provides you with the venue and the atmosphere. If you are into water sports like kayaking, boating, cruises and even wakeboarding, then you would probably stay in Lake Norman more that you think. The place can accommodate your every sporting needs and give you the time of your life each visit you make.

  • Boat Riding and Fishing

Lake Norman has a total of two bank fishing areas and eight public boating areas that are publicly available for anyone who wants to sit back, relax and enjoy its clear waters. You can cruise around the lake or even go fishing if you want to.

  • Shopping

For those who use shopping as their “therapies” then you can fit perfectly in the area’s shopping district. When we mean shopping, the place covers everything from antiques to major merchandise stores.

If you are more into healthy living, then the farmers market will provide you with all the “go green” items and produce that you will need.  Art galleries are also available for those who are artistically inclined. There are so many treasures that awaits you here.

  • Restaurant Hopping

Lake Norman has all the dining experience that you can think of. Form fine dining to a good old hang out places, this place has more than what you would expect. If you are a pet lover and you are worried that brining your little buddies would mean no dinner, then you should not fret. Restaurants in Lake Norman offers a pet-friend vibe along with a family friendly option.

From Asian delicacies to burger galore, your hunger will be satisfied with the place’s wide range of restaurants. If you want to just take it easy and sip a cup of coffee and a slice of cake you can freely do so.

  • Countless Attractions

The areas enveloping the lake is oozing with different attractions that you and your loved ones and friends can enjoy. Form breweries to watching plays, you can pick a different place and event to go to every time you want to go to town and appreciate.

The Cost of Staying in Paradise

If you are now fully decided to look for your next home around Lake Norman’s vicinity, then you should start saving up for it. The price range for the homes available in the area can go from as minimal as $25,000 up to $10,000,000.

Each property has different styles and ambiance to fit your specific taste on home design and style. It can accommodate families as small as a group of five or even your whole clan, the choices are endless.

So if you want to mix your lifestyle with business, pleasure and recreation, then I suggest you have a look at the possible realties near Lake Norman. This will be your new heaven on earth. Be closer to nature and bask in the place’s natural splendor and the community’s rich culture.