Lake Norman Boat Rentals

If you are familiar with the “largest man-made lake” found in North Carolina then you probably know two major things. First is that it has a total of two bank fishing areas. The second is that the lake offers a total of eight public boating access areas around it. What a great place to go boating and fishing right?

Since the area’s main attraction is its lake, it is a given that boating, water sports and fishing are the primary activities that they can offer. If you plan to do these water-related recreational activities, then you need to be fully equipped for your trip. This includes finding and renting the right boat that you will be using with the help of Lake Norman boat rentals.

The Lake Norman Boat Rentals Options

Overall, each boat rental areas in Lake Norman offers a total of three types of boats. These are the Pontoon/Tritoon boats, the Ski boats and finally, jet skis. Let’s quickly discuss each option for a better understanding of them.

  • Pontoon/Tritoon Boats

Pontoon boats are the fastest boats that you can rent. It has a total of three tubes found underneath the boat’s deck. This provides a faster ride but with a stable boat riding experience. These are great for active waters that has some waves in it. This makes the boat capable of accomplishing all-around, wide range of activities.

It also has a two tubed boat option that you can also put into consideration. The difference between the two is that the two tubed pontoon is for more leisured voyages destined in calmer waters. If you want to just sit back and relax, then this particular boat type is for you.

All in all, this type of boat is best for activities such as freshwater fishing, watersports and even cruising. It can also hold a total of 25 people and has a length of 16 to 30 feet.

  • Ski Boats

Ski boats are used more on water sport activities. The engine of these boats are “inboard” meaning that it is located within the hull of the boat and its propellers extends out to the bottom. They are built for water-sport related activities.

It can fit a total of fourteen people and can accommodate water sports such as wake boarding, wake surfing, water skiing and the likes. The usual length of this boat is around 18 to 28 feet in total.

  • Jet Ski

Jet skis are basically not boats, but they are used as such especially if you are going on your own or with just one companion. Renting this type of water transportation machine is a good deal if you are just alone or with one person. It is cheaper and at the same time, easier to maneuver.

It pays to have particular attention to what type of boat you will be using based on what activity you will be doing and how many will join you. Knowing the details and specialties of each boat option will allow optimal enjoyment for everyone as you head over to the many Lake Norman boat rentals available in the area.

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