Lake Norman Camping

Lake Norman camping is the best recreational activity that the “largest man-made lake” can offer to its visitors and residences alike. It allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature and at the same time make you feel closer to nature.

Lake Norman is the perfect destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors. It can be enjoyed by anyone at any age. What’s best about Lake Norman is its park and all the activities that it can offer you, your family or even your whole vacation crew.

Lake Norman Camping Itinerary

Camping is a great way to experience everything that the park can offer you. You can go the whole day with so many activities that will bring out the outdoorsy persona in you. Here are some of the possible choices that you can pick for your camping itinerary.

  • Camping

Your number one activity when reaching the park. Just be reminded that they have park hours that they follow. From the span of November to February the park hours starts from seven in the morning until 6 in the evening. For the months of March, April, September and October, the park opens from seven in the morning up to eight in the evening. Finally, for the months of May to August, the park hours are from seven in the morning to nine in the evening.

There is a total of thirty three sites that you can choose form for your camping grounds.  It has a limit of one family or six persons per site. They also have their “quiet hours” that starts from ten in the evening until the following day at seven in the morning.

  • Fishing

Fishing is a dead giveaway if you are camping near a lake. Since Lake Norman offer a total of two bank fishing sites, you can relax and fish to your hearts content while you camp. Among the fishes that resides in the lake are the likes of the crappie, bluegill and perch, catfish, as well as striped, largemouth and spotted bass.

Take note of the fishing spots that the park has assigned for their guests. You must also keep in mind that the lake follows the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

  • Nature Trail

The park offers several types of nature trails that can accommodate all the members of your family. They have the nature trail Known as the “Dragonfly Trail” which is best for all ages. This can also be accessed by people with wheelchairs and rollers for infant strollers.

There are other trails that you can choose from and they differ in ground surface, accessibility and difficulty. Among these are the “Alder Trail,” the “Itusi Trail” and finally, the “Lake Shore Trail”.

In addition, if you would want to have a go at biking, then the “Itusi Trail” can accommodate your request. Its natural surface will give bikers the pleasing 30.5 mile ride through the beautiful nature infused trail. This trip will give both a refreshing and relaxing experience to anyone who will follow it.

There are many more choices of activities to pick from when you are planning a Lake Norman camping itinerary. But the abovementioned activities are probably the “Must Do” things in the park that needs to be experienced by anyone who enters the park.

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